LV Dry Cleaners of Bloomsburg Why do you need a garment-care professional?

We can handle everything from your finest Suits and Gowns to your grandmother’s Quilt. With our extensive training and experience we will save you time and prolong the life of your garments.

LV Dry Cleaners of Bloomsburg What sets LV Dry Cleaners apart?

LV Dry Cleaning has been cleaning garments in this area for over 14 years. As we are the ONLY Dry Cleaning Plant within 30 miles, all work is done on site. All other “Dry Cleaners” in the area send your garments and other items to plants 30, 40 or more miles away from where you dropped them off. When you entrust your items to us they stay here until you pick them up. You can rest easy knowing that your garments will never be sent to the wrong drop store by the plant that processed them, possibly using a non-environmentally friendly dry cleaning solvent. We are committed to providing extraordinary service and to helping educate each and everyone of our customers as to the most effective methods of caring for and cleaning their treasured garments and household items.
LV Dry Cleaners
833 Columbia Blvd – Bloomsburg, PA 17815
1 (570) 387-1015

LV Dry Cleaners of Bloomsburg The environment is very important to us.

LV Dry Cleaning works hard for the Bloomsburg community and surrounding areas to provide a high-quality, customer-friendly environment for excellent cleaning of your fine woolens, bright silks, soft sweaters and everyday casual wear. We use a blend of environmentally safe processes and non-toxic solvents to achieve the finest processing of your clothing. We are extremely particular about the freshness and cleanliness of our cleaning solvents that clean your clothes. We look forward to providing you with an environmentally friendly clean garment, quality finishing and excellent service. We also recycle and are limiting our use of plastics. By taking these steps, we are working to ensure that your clothes and the environment are “simply clean”.