Professional Drycleaning

Professional cleaning means full service and provides more than just drycleaning. A lot of effort goes into the process, and there are many skilled technicians involved in caring for your garments. A Professional Dry Cleaner is up-to-date on industry information, cleaning techniques, solutions for problem garments and finishing procedures.

LV Drycleaning of Bloomsburg, PABefore cleaning, garments are inspected and classified

A stain removal technician will treat heavily stained garments prior to cleaning to aid in better soil and stain removal.After the cleaning cycle, garments are typically inspected again for missed stains and reprocessed if needed. Then it’s on to the presses.

LV Drycleaning

LV Drycleaning of Bloomsburg, PAThe finishing department makes sure your clothes are ready-to wear

After your clothes have been properly cleaned, your cleaner “finishes” (presses) your garments using specialized finishing equipment. Finishing processes vary depending on the garments being processed, but generally involve steaming and pressing.
Steaming is effective for relaxing wrinkles, enhancing pressing, and also serves to enhance cleaning by removing any remaining water-soluble materials and killing bacteria.

Pressing is the final step and produces crisp, smooth results difficult to duplicate at home with a hand iron. This requires considerable skill and training and allows fora final inspection of the garment.

LV Drycleaning of Bloomsburg, PAAfter finishing, your garments are inspected one last time

Garments are checked for missing, loose, or broken buttons and are sent to our alterations department for repair. After that, they’re checked for quality. If they pass, they’re ready to go. When you get your garments, we are confident that your clothes look their best and you will look your best in them.

Adapted from the Clothes Care Gazette by the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute International (formerly International Fabricare Institute)

LV Drycleaning